Hier ein paar Gedichte und Songtexte


Narben auf der Haut,
sind Zeichen dafür das man gelebt hat,
Narben in der Seele,
sind Zeichen dafür das man geliebt hat !!

If you love someone,
there is nothing you can do,
you can´t controle your Heart,
it controles you!!

Du denkst ich hasse dich?
ich verachte dich!!
Denn Hass ist ein Gefühl und Gefühle hast DU nicht verdient!!


Ashlee Simpson~Shadow:

I was six years old
when my Parents went away
I was left inside a broken life I couldn´ wish away
She was beautiful
She had everything and more
And my escape was hiding out and running for the door
Somebody listen please
It used to be so hard being ma

Living in a shadow
of someone else´s dream
Trying to find a hand to hald
But every touch felt could to me
Living in a nightmare
A never ending sleep
But now that I am wide awake
My chains are finally free
Don´t feel sorry for me

All the days collided
One next perfekt than the next
I was stuck inside someone else´s life
And always second best
Oh I love you now
´Cause I now I realize
That it´s safe outside to come alive
In my identity
So if you´r listening
There´s so much more to me you haven´t seen

Mother, sister, father, sister, mother
Everything´s cool now
Mother, sister, father, sister, mother
Everything´s cool now
Oh my life is good
I got more than anyone should
Oh my life is good
And the past is in the past

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